Ghana! Good to see you again

Ghana! Good to see you again

Campus market
Campus market Legon

This very day, two years ago, is the day that I left Ghana after five weeks of filming and traveling. And this very day, now, is the day I am back in Ghana again, to pick it up where I left it last time.

Funny thing is that some things seem so familiar, like the sound of the birds, the light or even how the wind blows through the palm leaves…like I never left.

But then again, as I was editing, I have basically been living in the film for most of those two passing years. In a way that might be a bit like having been living in Ghana for quite some time.

But, back to reality. I am back here for real with the film all finished for its most important premiere.


We even have a newspaper ad!

I just saw the venue and it is all looking very good. The building is just a few months old!

It is a great honour to be able to show the film right there, at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences.


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