Still from MULTIVERSE Ghana
Still from MULTIVERSE Ghana at AIMS

There is something about screening a film in a place where it was actually shot.

Yesterday I was at AIMS Ghana – you might remember the AIMS students I interviewed and the shots that I took of the group working in their computer lab. Well, we screened the film in that exact same lab.

There was a new group of students, as the ones I filmed had graduated in 2014. But this mix of students from all over Africa generates the exact same vibe: a lot of positivity, jokes and laughter. But not only that, there also is a lot of hard mathematical work being done.

Difficult eh

 A lecture was being pushed backwards, so that everyone could watch the film – which made one of the Ghanaian students very happy, because it gave him more time to prepare the presentation he had to give for which he needed to solve a daunting mix of Algebra and Quantum Physics equations. 

Multiverse Ghana at AIMS
Multiverse Ghana at AIMS

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