Short film featuring Sophie Oluwole upcoming

Short film featuring Sophie Oluwole upcoming

Some exciting news: Fall 2020 we will release a short film to kick off our campaign for the feature film starring prof. Sophie Olúwọlé.


It will be named “Afùwàpẹ́”.


This short film is the prologue to the full film. The long film will contain the interviews I shot with prof. Olúwọlé when I visited her in Nigeria. The short will also give a sneak preview of this material.


Check out the instagram page for behind the scenes content!


Afuwape on set.


But we are not quite there yet


For the full film to be realised, we need backing.

Afùwàpẹ́ will kick off the fundraising campaign. It carries the name Binary Tales: Fact is Fiction. Soon we’ll share more about this, and about who will be part of this unique project.


So we are still working hard to bring Yorùbá
philosophy to the big screens.

Fortunately, in the meanwhile we have this short film starring Sophie Olúwọlé to look forward to on your own screen!




Glimpse of Sophie Oluwole interview in Nigeria in Afuwape

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