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Introducing: Afùwàpẹ́

Introducing: Afùwàpẹ́

Tumtadumtadum… I present you the trailer for Afùwàpẹ́


If you’ve followed us on instagram you might have already seen us work hard behind the scenes. If you haven’t, don’t worry it’s easy to catch up and scroll through.


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still from prologue film Afùwàpẹ́



Afùwàpẹ́ is many things at once. It is a short film. But it is also a teaser. And more so a prologue to the feature film I am developing. This all happens under the working title of “Binary Tales // Fact is Fiction“. It is a massive endeavour and I am learning I need all the support I can get. Having said that, it is totally worth it.

So far the process has brought together many people. It opened up conversations. And more importantly it has shown people something they didn’t yet know. But, let’s not get ahead…


It all started when I met Sophie Olúwọlé in 2017.

She was a Nigerian philosopher pur sang. With a direct voice and clear reasoning, she carefully chipped away on the established ideas surrounding Philosophy. And the monopoly that has been claimed on it.

Growing up, she was told African Philosophy didn’t exist. But as she proved with her work, this is nonsense.


still from prologue film Afùwàpẹ́



As you might have noticed I refer to her in the past tense. That is because sadly she passed away in 2018. The news hit me like a shockwave. I had visited her later in 2017 to set up this film project together. Luckily, I’d brought my camera as she showed me around Yorùbáland. We recorded quite some interviews during those days. I strongly want to continue the work we started together. She is one of those few people, who actually has something to say worth listening to.


She is such an inspiration as a fierce questioner of the status quo. Not only for people from Yorùbá descent, or African descent in general, but in fact for all of us.

A film

Based on her work I adapted some original philosophical works for the screen. Using the interviews we recorded, she guides us through the story. The story of an ancient Nigerian philosopher mistranslated into history as a god. The name of this philosopher is Ọ̀rúnmìlà. His mythological son Afùwàpẹ́ wants to find out what happened.

So back to today. The first glimpses of the project.


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Without further ado: I present you, the trailer for Afùwàpẹ́





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