What Did We Learn From Our Ancestors?

What Did We Learn From Our Ancestors?

Some exciting news! I have been invited to guide an online philosophical event the 28th of Nov 2020.
It is being announced on the InterNations platform, an online meeting place for expats all over the world.

You can join too!


“There’s no such thing like African Philosophy” – is what used to be a common belief in academia.


I have been busy working on the feature film based on Sophie Oluwole‘s work. She focusses on traditional intellectual heritage in Yoruba culture and questions why “Philosophy” as a field is often taken as a synonym for the Western tradition alone. She proves with clear reason that it is not so logical to conclude that a tradition in African philosophy never existed.

I would like to open the floor to all and reflect upon personal experiences around the quest for intellectuality. Would you automatically attach a specific cultural reference frame to it? Do you know what your ancestors said and use that knowledge in your thinking?

So let’s talk! I look forward to hearing your personal input.

And for a special treat: During the session I will be previewing an extract of a short documentary work in progress about Sophie Oluwole in 2017.


The event is hosted by Irene Anggreeni who is on a mission to improve the well-being of the global expat community in these incredibly connected – and often quite stressful – times.


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