An active mirror

where I see me

and I am you.







is an interactive film installation in which I manipulate the viewer’s image through deepfake.
It’s a personal confrontation with the technology and a meditative intervention on what the self and your self image really are.




please note that the following trailer samples the atmosphere
instead of depicting the actual experience


prototype .1

I M U pt. 1 : start of experience



What is this?

This is a film-art experience which is purposefully quite mysterious. Practically it is a big black mirror screen, in front of which you can take a seat and look at yourself…or are you? Also, it’s been said that it’s a bit scary.

What is this about then?

It’s about you, it’s about me, it’s about humans meeting technology, it’s about the future, it’s about manipulation, it’s about us.

Who would you recommend partaking in this, whatever it is?

The intellectually curious and brave.

Could you say a bit more?

No. Better to just experience it yourself.

Where can I find it?

At the moment we have reached the first prototype stage. Keep an eye on this page, or subscribe to my newsletter to learn more about further developments. 

Who is ‘we’?

That’s director/filmmaker Juul van der Laan, composer Kit Wilmans Fegradoe and creative programmer Luuk Schipperheyn.

Where have you presented I M U before?

Our first prototype was presented during a summer of ’22 Kunstavond at WORM, Rotterdam (NL). It was blazing hot at 34 degrees celsius, we had to cool our computer with ice cubes (no joke) – but it worked! And we thank our open minded and involved first audience for their responses to it.

developed with support from

Droom en Daad



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