short documentary
14′, digital, 2022
on demand
nominated for Lions film award 2022 (NL)
selected for Lagos Book and Art Festival 2022 (NG)
screened a.o. at Ibadan University (NG),
Lagos Study Association (INT),
University Hildesheim (DE)

also see spin-off theatre performance-lecture Sophie on Stage

Professor Sophie Bọ́sẹ̀dé Olúwọlé (1935 – 2018) uncovered a ‘pagan’ god to be a philosopher and compared him to Socrates. During the later years of her life Sophie was determined to show the world how traditional Yorùbá wisdom is of importance to anyone. All the while proving, despite centuries of suppression: African philosophy exists.

This film is an introduction to Sophie Bọ́sẹ̀dé Olúwọlé’s work, mostly based on recordings when I first met her in Amsterdam, 2017 – as well as some footage recorded during a roadtrip through Yorùbáland with her later that same year.


Interested in screening this film in the classroom or during events?
Feel free to send me an email for more information on licensing.


Directed, filmed and edited by Juul van der Laan
Music by Kit Wilmans Fegradoe

Shot in the Netherlands and Nigeria.

Realised with support from VEVAM x OCW and Gemeente Rotterdam

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