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still from short film “Sophie”

You’ve come to the right place to start exploring more about Sophie Bọ́sẹ̀dé Olúwọlé and her work on African philosophy.

On this page you will find the short film in which she gives a thorough introduction to Ifá, her bibliography for reading up on her work, more clips featuring things she has said and future theatrical events where we (filmmaker Juul van der Laan and philosopher Renate Schepen) will be discussing her work live – in her film-presence.

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Short film (doc, 15 min)

After premiering at the University of Ibadan, The Lagos Book & Art Festival (Nov 2022) and being nominated for a Lions award (2022), short documentary “Sophie” is now available to stream online, from anywhere in the world.

This short documentary (14 mins) introduces philosopher Sophie Bọ́sẹ̀dé Olúwọlé: She uncovered a ‘pagan’ god to be a philosopher and compared him to Socrates. Proving: African philosophy exists. And we can all learn from it.

Next live event 11 July 2024 @ Vrijwilligersacademie, Amsterdam (in Dutch) More info soon


keep an eye on this page for future events


Past events 


24 April 2024

10 February 2024

20 November 2023

07 April 2023


Bibliocenter, Weert, NL (in Dutch)

Torpedo Theater, Amsterdam, NL (in Dutch)

Rode Hoed, Amsterdam, NL (in Dutch)

De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, NL (in Dutch)








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Articles or chapters

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*Do you know about a publication not mentioned above? Don’t hesitate to let me know.
It is quite tricky to get a hold of her publications. Do prompt your local libraries to put in requests for her works.








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