Jab Jab

Jab Jab

Steadily things are coming together. I’m noticing that it is quite a challenge to embark on a trip like this on such short notice. But my jabs are in place! When I asked the nurse why -on Earth- travel vaccinations and pills are so expensive (you would think you’re almost there when booking plane tickets), she confessed to me, quite amused, that she honestly had no idea. But that it definitely wasn’t her who had set the prices!

Alright then. I have been offered my first accommodation which is going to be in Accra where I’ll land! This is of enormous help to the project and I am very grateful. I am very happy to have received some positive responses and kind assistance already. I will meet most of these people in Ghana, and as promised, when I meet them, you will meet them too! For now, first things first… Upcoming challenge:  obtaining a business visa (on time)


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