Juul van der Laan

makes films*


“I feel at ease navigating the overlapping domains of science, philosophy and art”

Juul’s work is characterised by a natural inclination to question general assumptions within the realm of the intellectual.
Also, she’d rather not wait until the ‘mainstream’ finally catches up.

studio [thnkthnk] is the place from which she creates.


Want to collaborate to realise something grand? Ask a question?
Request a license? Send her a message!


* cinema, art, television, XR, audiovisual live shows…



  • contactme at

  • Rotterdam
    The Netherlands



The Dots
Art Office






  • Artist in residency, V2_, Rotterdam, NL (Nov-Feb 2023/4) ⟩ I M U




Selected press


Some past freelance work


  • Research Waste Junkies (Scenery)
  • Conceptual Development + Director/Writer  multi-media events and videos (ZAM magazine)
    Festival event Afrovibes x ZAM: how we made it – African artists center-stage
    Video portrait of Jelili Atiku
    First experiments with Studio ZAM events, broadcast live from the editorial room: with fem comic artist Maia Matches, Marcus Tebogo Desando: director of the Prince Claus Fund, and the Cry Freedom publications newsroom meeting on repression with journalists Ngina Kirori, Theophilus Abbah, Emmanuel Mutaizibwa, Elizabeth BanyiTabi and investigations editor Evelien Groenink (tbr)
  • Research Grote Vragen (VPRO)
    Episode (theme: maths) Miranda Cheng

    Episode (theme: women in history) Nadine Akkerman
  • Research Labyrint (VPRO/NTR)
    8 episodes (subjects ranging i.a. from space science to paleontology and from nuclear fusion to brain research)
  • Research Mind of the Universe (VPRO)
    research consultant

  • Creative Producer for corporates: KPN, Coca-Cola, AkzoNobel, a.o.

  • Associate Producer feature film OXI, an act of resistance (Scape Ltd.)

Q&A, screenings and presentations


  • 24 Apr Live show Sophie on stage met Renate Schepen, Bibliocenter, Weert, NL (24/04/2024) Boek tickets hier
  • Pitch DocsBarcelona, ES (09/05/2024) ⟩ I M U
  • Workshop participation Film and Philosophy Bayreuth University , DE (14-15/05/2024)

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