Did the invasion of Western men destroy cultures?

Did the invasion of Western men destroy cultures?

“Influenced by Islam and Christianity, the present day Yoruba is inclined to be dismissive of Ifa as quackery or idolatry.” – Dr. A. Emanuel

Binary Tales is a documentary project currently in development. In search of a different perspective filmmaker Juul van der Laan teams up with professor Sophie Oluwole to look into a pre-colonial philosophy. Read more here


When a society actively moves away from their own cultural roots, and perhaps even denies them. It might end up in a identity crisis. I share a sketch, a memory of a conversation between Sophie and two friends in my hotel room. The power went down again, the heat in the room arose. After a moment the generator was switched on, accompanied by its signature noise.


Did the invasion of Western men a long time ago destroy cultures?

When foreign philosophies of inequality take over your land and minds, one would say so. But Sophie disagrees…




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