Charlie, I am leaving!

Charlie, I am leaving!

Over the past five weeks I have traveled roughly 3201 km, visiting thirteen cities or villages spread over seven regions in Ghana. This evening I am flying back to London.

Places I have visited in these five weeks.
Places I have visited in these five weeks.

I have met wonderful people who have great things to tell and show. Most of the places I visited, I never knew existed beforehand. And it is great how openly I have been welcomed everywhere I went and the support I received along the way. As far as ‘culture shock’ concerned (see my first post) I can assure you I went through it.

It is very different here from where I grew up and where I am living right now. Nowhere is perfect. You could do extensive comparisons looking at what things are better here than there or the other way around. But that is beside the point, because it would lead to generalisations that would ignore the underlying complexity and nuances that are crucial to trying to understand what is going on somewhere.

Different environments, different cultures, different ways of development. I think it is very good to be inspired by differences. It was great to meet people who are developing their own country, despite the challenges they’re facing.

Bye Ghana, I hope to see you again soon!


P.S. In Ghana when someone calls you ‘Charlie’ they mean ‘friend’   

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