Have a taste | four

Have a taste | four

Mr. Aaron T. Asare


While going about my usual editing business I came across footage I shot when I did not feel so good, to say the least.

It was the day when I met Mr. Aaron T. Asare and his MPhil student Samuel Acheampong, who, together with colleagues, built lab capacity in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology within the University of Cape Coast. Currently, to study and improve pineapple and cowpea (black eyed pea) crops.

They were most kind, again to say the least. Aaron made sure, after we finished shooting that day, that I was well-fed and had a comfortable multiple hour journey from Cape Coast back to Accra. This was the day I was introduced to ‘the Ford’ as mode of transportation: Ford vans that contain airconditioning and generally couples or small groups of white backpackers on their way back to the airport after most probably having resided in one of the resorts owned by their nationals in or around Cape Coast.

The Ford did the job perfectly; it was cool and fast. However there were some close calls along the way as the driver managed to put the car back to our lane just in time for us not to have a head-on confrontation with cars on the other side of the road.

I could hear fellow foreigners’ heartbeats skipping. I, myself, was actually too busy meditating my nausea away.

Anyway enough about Ghanaian traffic, I would like to introduce to you Mr. Aaron T. Asare, he will do the rest…




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