5 year Anniversary Multiverse Ghana

5 year Anniversary Multiverse Ghana

It’s been exactly five years since Multiverse Ghana premiered.

Together with ZAM magazine I have a special treat in store…


We need to celebrate. We will celebrate.


For the duration of one month you can watch Multiverse Ghana for free. Yes gratis. No money.

Use the promo code GHANA5 and you’ll be good to go.

Go find the film below. Or on vimeo on demand.


How it works?

The short video you see in the player, is the trailer.

To rent the full film, click on the upper right icon in the video screen.

Log in to Vimeo, or quickly sign up.

Instead of paying, fill in the promo code.

Click “Pay”

Happy watching!


* English and Dutch subtitles available behind cc button.



As we’ve learned from Cinderella, wonderful, magical things do expire. This code will do so 23 July 2020.

Make sure to claim your free screening on time!


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