What is Ifa?

What is Ifa?

I walked into town one day and saw ifa on a building:



Okay. International Finance and Accounting is not what I am talking about. Ifa is an aspect of Yorùbá culture. Funnily enough it does also have something to do with finance. However it is not finance. Ifa has something to do with religion, but it is not religion. Ifa has something to do with science, but it is not science. Although, it is a system that is actually quite scientific… But more on that later.


Binary Tales is a documentary project currently in development. In search of a different perspective filmmaker Juul van der Laan teams up with professor Sophie Oluwole to look into a pre-colonial philosophy. Read more here

Now, what is Ifa?

Before this post starts resembling more of a riddle. Let’s listen to what Sophie has to say about this:




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