Multiverse Ghana at exhibition in Accra

Multiverse Ghana at exhibition in Accra

I am proud to announce that Multiverse Ghana is part of a new exhibition called “Evolution of Science”.

The grand opening took place on the 9th of December 2019 in Accra and it’s scheduled to tour Ghana in 2020. It is organised by GhScientific with support of the Wellcome Trust UK.


Evolution of Science has brought together local artists and scientist to represent Ghana’s research journey via paintings, sculpture and photography. It will be used as an outreach and engagement tool to provoke conversations as well as an appreciation of scientific and medical research in Ghana. – GhScientific

Multiverse Ghana is a 60 minute documentary film I made travelling across country. It intertwines portraits of various scientists in Ghana.  I was interested in sciences ranging from University research to indigenous knowledge. The film was first released in 2015 and features the late Prof. Francis Allotey. Watch the trailer here. Also check out the journal I kept back then.  It was quite the journey! I left with many fond memories, adventurous stories and a lot of brilliant footage.
Check out GhScientific‘s website for more information about their activities here.
Multiverse Ghana: Making shea butter.



Behind the scenes Multiverse Ghana. Indigenous knowledge: Making shea butter.

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